Board of Directors

President Joan Nuffield
Past President Jill Smith-Brodie
Vice-President Nadia Dubyk
Treasurer Alan McPherson
Secretary Ruth Plant
Hike Activities Director Glenda Collings
Trail Development & Maintenance Director Bob Hann
Director of Information Services Mike Osborn
Landowner Relations Director Jill Smith-Brodie
Land Stewardship Director Mike Osborn
Membership and Volunteer Director Kelly Killoran
Events Director Nadia Dubyk
BTC Club Director Bruce King
Director at Large Brendan Thomson
Communication and Publicity Director Vacant

Support Volunteers

Land Securement Secretariat Representative Jill Smith-Brodie
Invasive Species Managers Bob Hann & Joan Nuffield
Chainsaw Crew Leader Blain Horsley
Activities Committee Glenda Collings, Chair, Barb Dufton, Tina MacPhail & Ed Stedman
Advertising Revenues Coordinator Steve Griffiths
Newsletter Editor Joan Nuffield
Webmaster & Beaver Bytes Editor Irena Marinko