Beaver Valley Club Hikes

Canada Geese flock to pond pond on bright autumn day. Photo Marg Yaraskavitch 2017
Photo © Marg Yaraskavitch, 2013.

Hiking happens in the Beaver Valley in all four seasons. The Club runs organized hikes on weekdays and weekends. New hikers are welcome to join any of the Club’s organized hikes. Membership is not required to participate.

Hikes vary in length and level of difficulty and most are moderately-paced. Terrain and walking-speed are indicated for all organized hikes. Review the Hike Rating System. Hike participants must be able to complete the specified length of the hike within their own ability or with help from their own support person within the time allowed. Check our Participant Guidelines to arrive prepared to hike.

Hiking Schedules

Beginning January 2018, hikes schedules and related activities will be available here only in the monthly format. Check back regularly for updates to the hiking schedules. Updates to the posted schedules will be clearly highlighted with red ink. Remember to click the page reload button on your browser to bring up the most recent webpage!

New for the Fall season! To help hikers arrive at designated meeting locations, each scheduled hike includes a link to the location on Google Maps.

Visit the Bruce Trail for details about organized hikes in the other Bruce Trail Clubs.

Participant Guidelines

  1. All kms. mentioned are according to maps in Edition 29 of The Bruce Trail Reference.
  2. Please arrive 10 minutes before start of hike.
  3. Hike participants are expected to wear sturdy footwear.
  4. Always carry I.D. and your health card.
  5. For spring and summer hikes bring sunscreen, insect repellent and water.
  6. Please leave dogs at home.

Hike Rating System

Terrain (T): Easy: Mostly flat and good footing
Moderate: Some hills and/or some poor footing
Strenuous: Hilly with steep climbs and some poor footing
Pace (P): Leisurely: 3 km/hr or less Medium: 3-4 km/hr
Brisk: 4-5 km/hr Fast: 5+ km/hr