Hiking the Bruce Trail

Activities Committee

Joëlle Martin, chair

Glenda Collings, Evelyn Ledsham, Tina MacPhail and Anne McGarrigle

Guidelines for Using the Trail

Bruce Trail Hikers’ Trail Users Code

Important Notes

  1. All kms. mentioned are according to maps in edition 28 of the Bruce Trail Reference.

  2. Hike participants are expected to wear sturdy footwear.

  3. Please arrive 10 minutes before start of hike.

  4. Always carry I.D. and your health card.

  5. For spring and summer hikes bring sunscreen, insect repellent and water.

  6. Potlucks will be held even if outing is cancelled.

  7. Each potluck participant is asked to bring his own dishes, cutlery, glass and drink of choice. Each participant is to bring a main dish or a salad or a dessert for at least 6 servings. The hosts will provide pre-dinner snacks as well as tea and coffee.

While there are a few portions of the Bruce Trail within the Conservation Areas that are wheelchair accessible, none of these are within the Beaver Valley and use of the majority of the Trail is suitable for foot traffic only. To participate in an organized hike, you need to be able to complete the specified length of the hike on your own or with your own support person within the time allowed.


Rating System

Terrain (T):      Easy: Mostly flat and good footing

                          Moderate: Some hills and/or some poor footing

                          Strenuous: Hilly with steep climbs and some poor footing

Pace (P):          Leisurely: 3 km/hr or less;   Medium: 3-4 km/hr;   Brisk: 4-5 km/hr;   Fast: 5+ km/hr

Out of consideration for your fellow hikers, we request that you leave your dogs at home. Free running dogs on the trails are a source of concern to many hikers and some landowners. Even leashed dogs may interfere with the enjoyment of others on the hike.