Keith Solomon Award 2017

Keith Solomon Award created from one of his work boots, bronzed and mounted onto a base.

Call for Nominations

Fifty years ago, Keith Solomon of Meaford was inspired to support the establishment of the Bruce Trail along the length of the Beaver Valley and motivated other volunteers to join him in blazing a trail. In 1995 an award was instituted in his name to “celebrate an individual or group who have made a significant contribution to the improvement or preservation of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley”. His wife Marguerite offered one of his boots that, bronzed and mounted on a base, became the Keith Solomon Award.

Please submit your nomination, along with a brief supporting document for your candidate, by May 12, 2017 to Kelly Killoran at

The Keith Solomon Award 2017 will be presented at the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club Annual General Meeting 3:00 pm Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Garlic Mustard Threat to Loree Forest

Invasive Garlic Mustard plants in bloom. Photo credit David Cappaert,
Garlic Mustard plants in flower. Photo credit: David Cappaert, Michigan State University,

Every native plant species in the beautiful Loree Forest is threatened by an invasive weed, Garlic Mustard. This aggressive plant wipes out all indigenous plants in its path. It has been gaining ground in Loree Forest, despite annual pulling of the weed.

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Garlic Mustard “Pull Party” and BBQ

Loree Forest

Saturday, May 20


Joan Nuffield

Tour our New Wodehouse Karst Side Trail

Stew Hilts
Photos © Stew Hilts

Wodehouse Creek disappears into sinkholes in this blind valley

On May 13th this spring, the new Wodehouse Karst Side Trail will be officially opened. From the entrance on the 7th Line just south of the hamlet of Wodehouse, a visitor will be able to walk past the old homestead and barn foundations, past the group of sinkholes where Wodehouse Creek disappears, and down the Niagara Escarpment slopes to the main Bruce Trail where the water reappears in the Kimberley Springs that feed Bill’s Creek. Continue Touring Wodehouse Karst Side Trail ...