Awards are presented for those who exemplify the concept of volunteerism.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is an organization founded, built, maintained and supported by volunteers, donors and members.

In the Beaver Valley Club we pride ourselves on the condition of the trail and on its ongoing development. This has been made possible by the work and dedication of many volunteers. Nearly a third of our membership volunteers in one way or another.

Volunteering with the Beaver Valley Club is your chance to help secure and maintain the Bruce Trail, share experiences, and develop lasting friendships. Whatever your skills or interests, your input is invaluable to the well-being of the trail and the organization:

  • Trail maintenance

  • Construction skills

  • Trail development (real estate and legal knowledge)

  • Land stewardship (the BVC oversees over 25 properties)

  • Hiking programs

  • Marketing and fundraising skills

  • Communication and computer skills (newsletter, website, etc.)

  • Environment (plant identification, etc.)

  • GPS mapping

  • Executive level

  • Or simply helping out at different events (BT Day, End-to-End, Yard sale, etc.)

If you would like to join us on our quest to establish a conservation corridor containing the Bruce Trail please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Killoran at killoran.kel@gmail.com.

In addition ....

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is looking for citizen scientists to help us better understand the diversity, distribution and population sizes of at-risk bird species on the Niagara Escarpment. See more about the Species at Risk (SAR) project